Sora chara 04

A genius in orbmental technology and a main character in Sora no Kiseki and all its subsequent sequels. Starting character. Uses a wide variety of ranged abilities to poke at others from a distance.


12, a female child residing in the city of Zeiss, she is the granddaughter of Albert Russell, the founding father of Orbment technology in the kingdom and a genius inventor. True to her genetics, Tita is also incredibly skilled in machinery and orbment technology. Despite her young age she's already an apprentice in the central workshop, the most important R&D facility in the realm.

An adorable figure, she's beloved by all around her, though she often becomes indifferent to her surroundings while working with orbment and bombard others with excessive information on the subjects (a trait that appears to run in the family). In combat she uses a modified orbment cannon, and in the 3rd installment she can also man a combat robot.

As the story develops, she became increasingly close to Agate Crosner, a relationship that drew much snickers from other PCs (mostly directed toward Agate) and the dread and anger of Tita's parents.


At Level 99 (max lv equipment, no accessories)Edit

  • HP: 8935
  • AP: 31
  • STR: 945
  • DEF: 704
  • BRK: 548
  • DUR: 1928
  • SPD: 93
  • AGL: 132
  • SP Gain: 265

Skill Name SP Japanese Description Lv1 Lv2 Lv3
Smoke Cannon 9 スモークカノン - 1500 15000
Stun Cannon 9 スタンカノン - 1500 15000
Dark Matter+ 22 ダークマター改 250 2500 25000
Napalm Blast 18 ナパームブラスト 250 2500 25000
Cannon Impulse 35 カノンインパルス 1000 7500 50000
Tempest Fall 30 テンペストフォール 1000 7500 50000
Satellite Beam EX サテライトビーム - - -