VSW 0067

Enforcer no. XIII of Ouroboros, main male character of Sora no Kiseki, and a childhood friend of Loewe. Starting character. Well suited to area attacks.


Joshua was born on 12-20-1185 of the Septian Calendar in his hometown up north. There he live happily until a tragic event happened seven years later. Due to a tragic event in his past, Joshua became basically an emotionless shell, not eating, talking, or even playing - merely playing his harmonica.

A traveling magician then offered to restore his heart, if Joshua would work for his organization Ouroboros. His caretaker agreed, and Joshua's very mind was manipulated into the will of Weissmann. Joshua became Enforcer #13, the Black Fang.

He became a full-fledged assassin, killing his targets ruthlessly, not even pausing to kill innocents. Eventually Cassius Bright was targeted, but Joshua failed, and was taken in by Cassius.


At Level 99 (max lv equipment, no accessories)Edit

  • HP: 9806
  • AP: 23
  • STR: 899
  • DEF: 764
  • BRK: 524
  • DUR: 2450
  • SPD: 128
  • AGL: 142
  • SP Gain: 226