The vagrant scarred mercenary, both rival and ally of Adol, who is accompanied by his three homonculi, Jue, Sera, and Xisa. In Alternative Saga, Geis is a fantastic medium-range fighter who wields a fierce halberd and magical talismans. He has the longest range of any slashing character and good power, as well as a devastating aerial combo and some interesting skills. While his speed and power are average, he's a flexible, more tactical character who is excellent in high-pressure battles against multiple opponents. Starting character.

Ease of use: Medium-High

Speed: Moderate

Power: Moderate

Durability: Medium-High

Range: Long (Slash/Thrust)


At Level 99 (max lv equipment, no accessories)Edit

  • HP: 11423
  • AP: 24
  • STR: 972
  • DEF: 891
  • BRK: 587
  • DUR: 2824
  • SPD: 89
  • AGL: 91
  • SP Gain: 209



Geis's character stage is the Sanctuary of Zemeth.


Geis excels in aerial combat and pressure, thanks to his versatile skills and fantastic aerial combo. His speed on the ground is very average, but this is more of a strength than a weakness. His standard four-hit combo has an extremely long range and can hit multiple opponents in an arc, but the downtime is fairly long in comparison to many other melee fighters. However, in the air, he has a ludicrous spherical range, and after horizontal and vertical slashes, he can repeatedly throw talismans directly below him--these stick around for a few seconds and act as landmines, exploding on contact with an opponent.