VSW 0066

Famed Bracer and main female heroine of Sora no Kiseki. Starting character. Well balanced and suited for one-on-one combat.


Estelle was born in the rural areas of Rolent to Cassius Bright and his wife on 8-7-1186 of the Septian calendar. When Estelle was six, her mother was killed in the bombing of Rolent during the Hundred Days War, as she protected her in Rolent's clock tower. It is this traumatizing event that first inspires Estelle to become a Bracer, as she chooses to be brave and courageous like her mother.

Five years before the events of Sora no Kiseki, when Estelle was 11, her father came home late with a wounded boy in his hands. The boy spoke nothing of his past, and Estelle and Cassius decide to adopt him. The boy was named Joshua Bright.


At Level 99 (max lv equipment, no accessories)Edit

  • HP: 10926
  • AP: 25
  • STR: 922
  • DEF: 841
  • BRK: 572
  • DUR: 2600
  • SPD: 91
  • AGL: 98
  • SP Gain: 213