Adol's long-time companion, the blue-haired kindly giant with a knack for crushing walls (or boulders) with his bare hands. In Alternative Saga, Dogi is a formidable opponent in the right hands, having by far the highest endurance of all the characters and surprisingly high power. While he's dreadfully slow, his strength combined with the usefulness and sheer power of his skills makes him a good choice for moderate to skilled players. Starting character.

Ease of use: Medium-Low

Speed: Very Low

Power: High

Durability: Very High

Range: Short (Thrust)


Skill Name SP Japanese Description Lv1 Lv2 Lv3
Combination Combination 12 コンビネーション Steps forward and unleashes rapid punches. - 1500 15000
Might Quake Might Quake 10 マイトクエイク Attack where Dogi pounds the earth with both fists, shaking the surroundings. - 1500 15000
Straight Straight 25 ストレート Pulls back and unleashes a powerful punch. 250 2500 25000
Earth Knocker Earth Knocker 22 アースノッカー Releases a shockwave along the ground in a straight line. 250 2500 25000
Blast Kick Blast Kick 50 ブラストキック After repeated kicks, fires a long kick in a forward direction. 1000 7500 50000
Wild Rage Wild Rage 45 ワイルドレイジ Unleashes fires of rage in Dogi's surroundings. Powerful, but leaves you open. 1000 7500 50000
Ultimate Attack Ultimate Attack EX 究極の一撃 After an earth-shaking pound, attacks with a punch of incomparable power. - - -


At Level 99 (max lv equipment, no accessories)Edit

  • HP: 12916
  • AP: 19
  • STR: 1186
  • DEF: 865
  • BRK: 667
  • DUR: 3271
  • SPD: 86
  • AGL: 74
  • SP Gain: 247


Dogi's character stage is Darm Tower.


Dogi is a monster in close combat, that much is for sure. He can take by far the most damage out of the entire cast, and has very good raw attack power, especially for his skills. However, to use him effectively, you must learn to cope with his extremely low speed and short, slow combo. Like Adol, his skills are a mix of comboability and AoE, but unlike Adol, his ranged ability is very lackluster. This means he must constantly be on the move and ready to guard or attack at any moment. His short range makes closing the gap between him and his opponent difficult, and takes much getting accustomed to. But once you use him for a while and improve, expect to hallucinate that your opponents are walls. Recommended skills are Might Quake, which does decent damage in a large radius and has a high chance to stun; Straight, which has fantastic thrust and does high damage; Wild Rage, which blasts opponents with multiple, very strong hits in a large radius; and Blast Kick, his analogue to Beatdown, which does extremely high damage and has a very long range with a high SP cost and narrow cone. Depending on your playstyle, Combination may also be useful, especially if you are used to comboing skills and don't mind sacrificing versatility for damage output. An amusing note, his EX skill is basically a super Might Quake followed up by a Straight that thrusts him incredibly far and causes an explosion akin to that of a large bomb.