The deceptively strong younger sister of Mustafa. In Alternative Saga, Crshe (known officially overseas as Cruxie, sometimes romanized as Kirsche) is a very powerful brawler with highly-damaging fire-based skills and a great balance of speed, range, and defense. While her defense isn't as high as Dogi's, she makes up for it with raw damage output--and she's at the top of her class. Lucky men only see her hammer swinging once. Unlocked with 6000BP.

Ease of use: Moderate

Speed: Moderate
VSW 0063

Power: Very High

Durability: High

Range: Moderate (Crushing)



At Level 99 (max lv equipment, no accessories)Edit

  • HP: 12418
  • AP: 18
  • STR: 1050
  • DEF: 1016
  • BRK: 651
  • DUR: 3570
  • SPD: 85
  • AGL: 77
  • SP Gain: 252



Despite her childish stature, Crshe is able to swing her brother's gigantic hammer with ease. She has one of the highest raw attack power in the game, and her surprising agility, toughness, and devastating skills work together to bring her to the top. Her skills are almost entirely AoE, and are fairly efficient in terms of damage to SP use. Perhaps unsurprising given her elemental attunement, she is able to shoot fireballs from the air at approximately a 45° angle continuously. While it lacks range, it can be useful for dealing out damage to enemies below while simultaneously avoiding their normal attacks. While ranged characters may give her some trouble, Crshe is at her best when fighting against multiple melee-oriented opponents, in which case she has a very good chance of gaining victory without much effort (players depending, of course).