VSW 0074


How to unlock: Gain 10500 BP.

Chester is the primary antagonist and Adol's rival for the majority of Ys: The Oath in Felghana. Chester and his sister, Elena, are the sole survivors of the massacre on Genos Island and the sole remaining descendants of the legendary hero who sealed away Galbalan when he threatened Felghana in ancient times. Chester blamed McGuire, the count of Felghana, for the massacre. Swearing revenge, he ingratiated himself with the Count by posing as his most loyal knight. Once Adol had collected all the statues used to seal away Galbalan, Chester took the statues and attempted to use their power to destroy the count and everyone in Valestein Castle. However, after being defeated in a duel by Adol, he learns that he was a pawn in a plan to revive Galbalan. Realizing his error, he sacrifices himself to destroy Galbalan completely after Adol weakens him with Genos' sword.

In Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki, he is an agile fighter. Equipped with a low-cost teleport skill with long range and low SP cost, an effective homing ranged attack with decent damage, as well as several very safe high-cost AOE skills, he is efficient at hit-and-run tactics and one of the hardest characters to hit effectively. However, his air combat skills are quite lacking. He also has low AP and stamina, leaving him open when he runs out of SP.


At Level 99 (max lv equipment, no accessories)Edit

  • HP: 10055
  • AP: 22
  • STR: 907
  • DEF: 764
  • BRK: 548
  • DUR: 2525
  • SPD: 117
  • AGL: 128
  • SP Gain: 221