Starting character.


24, he hails from a small village in rural Boss area but also spent most of his youth in the port city of Ruan as the leader of the Raven clan. one of the up and coming bracers in the kingdom, nicked named "heavy sword" for his use of such weapon in combat. He always appears angry and grumpy on the surface but is in fact a caring youth who looks after new comers like the Brights. As the story develops, he gets increasingly more connected to Tita Russell.


At Level 99 (max lv equipment, no accessories)Edit

  • HP: 11672
  • AP: 20
  • STR: 1079
  • DEF: 930
  • BRK: 635
  • DUR: 3421
  • SPD: 87
  • AGL: 87
  • SP Gain: 230