The legendary fiery-haired adventurer, whose travels are known across the world. In Alternative Saga, Adol is the most balanced character, having no real strengths or weaknesses. This makes him extremely easy to use, but in many instances more specialized characters can get the upper edge on him. Still, even expert players can use him well--he's highly versatile and has some nasty skills and combos at his disposal. Starting character.
Adol Christin

Ease of use: Excellent

Speed: Medium-High

Power: Moderate

Durability: Moderate

Range: Moderate (Slash)


Skill Name SP Japanese Description Lv1 Lv2 Lv3
Dash Cut Dash Cut 10 ダッシュ斬り Slices in a forward arc in the shape of a crescent moon. - 1500 15000
Fire Fire 5 ファ イヤー Shoots a bullet-like fireball in front of you. - 1500 15000
Aerial Thrust Aerial Thrust 20 エリアルスラスト Gradually knocks the enemy in the air while doing repeated thrusts. 250 2500 25000
Spinning Slash Spinning Slash 25 回転斬り Creates a whirlwind from the winds of your sword. 250 2500 25000
Spinning Chaos Dance Spinning Chaos Dance 50 回転乱舞 Repeating Spinning Slash, attacking enemies in a large area. 1000 7500 50000
Beatdown Beatdown 40 ビー トダウン After repeated thrusts, unleashes a large crescent slash. 1000 7500 50000
Moon Dragon Sword Moon Dragon Sword EX 月竜剣


At Level 99 (max lv equipment, no accessories)Edit

  • HP: 10304
  • AP: 26
  • STR: 948
  • DEF: 924
  • BRK: 556
  • DUR: 3495
  • SPD: 95
  • AGL: 101
  • SP Gain: 217


Adol's character stage is Palace of Goddess.


Adol excels in conserving stamina, so guarding whenever possible is made much easier as him. His skills are a good mix of comboability and AoE, and he starts with a fairly useful, very low-cost ranged skill (Fire). His standard combo is six quick slashes, and his charge attack has great push, but outside of his downward thrust, he has poor air combat ability. Dash Cut is decent for utility and pushback, but does little damage, making it a questionable choice in a general loadout. Fire is a must against characters who can crush Adol mercilessly, and it's great for applying pressure. Aerial Thrust is most useful in comboing and goes extraordinarily well with either of his whirlwind attacks, or when tacked onto the end of a standard attack chain. Both his whirlwinds are a must for battles with 2 or more opponents; however, it's generally better to stick with Spinning Slash, as its damage and rise are more efficient for the SP cost. Beatdown is a great choice for comboing along with Aerial Thrust, and does immense damage, but its initial attack range is extremely narrow (think Klose's charge attack), making it a gamble to use unless your opponent is knocked down or in prolonged hitstun. A good, if basic, offensive setup would be something akin to Kevin on support, plus Spinning Slash and Beatdown; whenever you feel the moment is right, activate Kevin's support ability and continually use Spinning Slash and Beatdown consecutively until the effect wears off. This could easily give you the upper hand when backed into a corner, and does IMMENSE damage (3-4000 at lv99 with max skill and equipment level), but whether it's worth giving up another more defensive support ability is up to you. Experimentation is key with Adol; he's good in most any situation, but he can be even better with the right setup.